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Darn! I just spent almost 45 minutes saying ''hello'' to all of my neighbors, explaing who the darn heck I am, and encouraging all residents to please use this discussion board to voice opinions. I had internet interruptus, though, and lost the original message. Essentially I was trying to say that this is actually where the board of directors wants to develop most of its ideas.

Here are some of my responses:

1)Association - I think that Mr. (Mrs.) Colletti explains it all with the comment about your neighbor White Trash Wilbur.

2)Daycare - I'm not qualified to recommend anything.

3)Pigeons - Yes, there is a problem, and yes, Oglevey has a point (sorry Colletti). Animal control is prominent everywhere is the US.

4)Timberlake access - Huh?

5) Clicker - Put the batteries in the right direction. + = ''pointed end''
- = ''flat end''. Oglevey, be careful when driving drunk. You wasted at least one beer.

6) Association poll - (Shhhhhhhh. Brian is confused).

7) See #5

8)Earthquake - Grow-up.

9) Website - Boring.

10)Wallmart and Sam's Club - If only they didn't add W. T. Wilbur's favorite place.

11) Cipriani's &Michaela are awesome - Maybe awesone, but definitey UGLY.

Good Night.

For the People. Take care and don't die.

By Jay Leavitt
I didn't Write that Message

Some one has, in a cowardly fashion, hijacked my identity in order to insult some of the homeowners.
Re-think your vocabulary.

What an insensitive jackass you are. How can you employ such a blatant analogy? Your alleged imposter shows more tact.

By Pat Colletti

gee, thanks so much for the help with the clicker, good to know there is someone who knows everything...LOL! phew!

By Holly
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