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Homeowner Asscociation Poll

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Go to link to view a poll done by KVBC news:

Protecting my investment!

I found the number of respondents opposed to being subjected to the rules and regulations of a ''Homeowner Assocation'' astounding.

I am a 32 year resident of Las Vegas and have witnessed first-hand the effects of living in non-association neighborhoods. If you are a home owner who happens to disagree with association policies take a quick drive around the city and view some of our more attractive, association-free neighborhoods (many east of I-15). After having toured these ''non-restrictive'' areas, take a drive through the newer neighborhoods that are often subject to association regulations. Care to venture a guess whose property values will be worth more 20 years from now???

I chose to purchase a home with an association for one reason: To ensure the neighbor next to me will not allow his/her property to go to hell-in-a-handbasket! Have you ever lived next door to a property owner (or renter) whose dirt is so dry even weeds cannot penetrate the ground? Have you ever had a neighbor who discarded their non-operative car on their front yard and ''just hasn't gotten around to calling a junkyard yet''??

Should associations be illegal? Absolutely not!! If you don't want to live in a neighborhood represented by an association, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

Right on Christy!

You?’ve hit it on the head. Such an insightful assessment of our situation. As with you, I wouldn?’t put a lick of trust in my fellow neighbor.

By Pat Colletti
Whatever it takes...

Whatever it takes to keep the undesirables out! (You know which ones I'm referring to.)

By Tom Metzger
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