Coastal View Webster NY -- What Amenities?

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Does anyone else keep asking why Coastal View in Webster, NY lacks basic amenities?


No community pool, no basketball or tennis court, not even a soccer field for a neighborhood kick ball.  All that Open Space, and no insight as to what sells homes to families. 


Anyone with kids or grandkids knows this development falls short.  Are they really trying to sell those huge houses to just "empty nest" couples?  Even retired adults would like an upscale location to socialize or interact.

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I agree with your post.  I have seen communities in other areas which offer more amenities in a neighborhood for a lot less money.  This community would benefit from any type of amenity.  I realize that having lake access is considered an amenity but without any type of docking facility the use of the lake is very limited.  It would seem to be easy to have an area where the residents could gather for social activities.  There is alot of open space and some of that should be dedicated to creating a playing field for families - perhaps a gazebo style area could be incoporated where we could hold picnics and other neighborhood functions.  I really like your idea of a community pool or any type of sport court.  Right now this is just an expensive neighborhood with limited use of the lake.  I think alot more could and should be done to turn this neighborhood into a top rate community!

As an owner and resident of Coastal View I would tend to agree with the previous posts.  This community has the allusion of being an upscale neighborhood.  Yet we do not have amenities which would indicate that this is the case.  Additionally,  the common garden areas are deteriorating and are a complete weed mess and infestation.  It is embarassing to bring visitors to the lake because the path is such a mess.  The creek access path is not much better.  Also, our "lake access" is a wreck!  The stairs are literally falling apart.  They were probably not constructed with an engineer, but probably just carpentry work.  As a result we have an access stairway which is getting worse every year.  The builder and developer have not corrected these issues and yet we are charged monthly association fees which keep going up.  I know that I am not alone in my opinion of our association, but as homeowners we seem to have very little impact on the board.  This is very unfortunate since this could be so much better.

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