Riverton Tenant Attacked by Tenant Association (Black politicians have soldout)

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The few executives on the Riverton Tenants Association that care are outnumbered by those that don't.

But Riverton isn't alone in this situation, across Harlem (and America) landlords, banks and politicians have put their own spies (and keepers of the gate) in tenants associations to ensure that the groups are slow, ineffective and vilify actual tenants who are progressive and actively fighting the system.

Nothing changes or improves for tenants in Riverton (besides minor things that don't really positively impact tenant rights). Thus for every piece of bread that the associations come to the table with, they throw away the rest of the rights of tenants.

Between free rent, or other secret incentives, the leadership of the Riverton Tenants Association, is playing the same game that most other tenant associations are playing: SELLING OUT.

And they continue to vilify any tenant that dares to ask the hard questions; or they simply ignore that person or family. It would be extremely comforting to think that we could go to the Black church for guidance, but many of them are also so busy stealing property and putting tenants out on the street, that their spiritual compass has been destroyed by the desire for Western $ money!

Black media, and media in general, doesn't want to touch this topic because their conflict is: advertising revenue. Were they to cover the truth about tenants being abused they lose banking ad revenue, real estate developer revenue, and all related revenue streams. (Tenants don't spend much on ads or they'd be getting media coverage. Tenants don't spend anything with lobbying firms that nego with politicians or tenants would have more access to actual American freedom. But why, in a democratic country, does money take the front seat over justice, laws and morality? Because there is only justice, and the laws typically only apply, if you are non-Black and/or rich/politically connected, or united. And since many Black residents suffer from "Willie Lynch Syndrome" and/or follow fake leaders, the unity factor is definitely not an option! It's a vicious cycle, that sadly, urban kids are in the "ignored" middle of!!

Worse, Black elected officials are also in the pockets of the landlords, banks and same system that is destroying the Black family and tenant rights!

In closing, the past several Riverton landlords have used their religion to justify their abuse of tenants. Thus, unless someone helps their religion to hold them accountable for Earthly sins/abuses; and unless someone gets to the major stock holders of the various banks involved in the chain of destruction, nothing will change for the better!

Where is the hope????


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