Washington School's future

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It is in the process of being sold by the school district to a developer. This should be complete by fall, but the process seems to be dragging on and on. It will be turned into condos or apartments if expectations are realized. The easiest way to find out is to attend a BCA meeting and ask.
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I was informed by someone at Portland Community Gardens that it is to become a community center in the near future.

After speaking with Denise from the Portland Urban Renewal Department just now, the following things have come to light concerning Washington High School and its surrounding grounds:

1)  The school is currently for sale at roughly 8 million dollars by the Portland Public Schools.  Kerry Hampton is the man to speak with regarding further information on this.


2)  Though private investorship had been found and proceeded with to renovate the school and property into condominiums, the real estate market crash forced those same investors to pull back substantially on the project and and eventually drop it altogether.


3)  The BCA is currently discussing a potential community center on the newly seeded (and regularly watered) grassy area facing Morrison St. (southernmost portion of the lot), far away from the main structure of the school itself.  The jury is still out on what *kind* of community center to operate, being that there are several similar amenities already being offered within the general vicinity.   


4)  The high school has missed several 'routine maintenances' over the past several years and is falling into mild disrepair, but is far from being condemned.  


5)  Due to #4 the school was not used as an emergency refugee shelter for victims of hurricane Katrina, as had originally been planned. 


Hope that helps.  Please correct me if any of this information is wrong.

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