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Nov. HOA Meeting

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mijackdad, thank you for updating the site...I was working late last night, would you mind giving a brief review of what all was discussed at the meeting?  Or do you know if minutes were taken and will be available?  I'm just curious to know what all was discussed.  Thanks again for taking the time to keep the site going.

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I do not have any minutes and to be honest I am not sure even how to get a copy.  The Secretary was one of the people leaving the board.  To summaries though,

1.  We went through the budget. 

    a. Right now we have $72,000+ in the bank.  According to the bylaws (which I still have not received a copy of) we are required to keep $20,000 over our annual expenses (which last year was $17,000.)  The board also wanted to keep 3 years of operation expenses over the $20,000 for any major projects that come up, which if I did the math right comes out to $71,000.  When we pay our normal HOA dues of $120 there is a surplus of about $9,000 each year.  With the discounted rate of $95 we are at $2000 surplus.

    b. There are also 20 homes owners that have not paid their due in 2 years, so the board will be putting liens on their homes.  There were 8 last year.

    c.  Although the board has NEVER fined any one for breaking the bylaw, they are going to start, in order for people start taking better care of their homes.

2. we elected the two new members.  There were a total of 5 people that ran for the 2 spots.  Next year there will be 3 more that could be replaced.


3.  Concerns.

   a. parking on the streets.    The streets are owned by the city, so they are public roads and there is nothing the board can do to stop people from parking in the road.  If cars are blocking the road making it hard to get by, the boards reply was to call the Greer fire chief as it is a fire hazard.

    b. Over grown bushes and trees that hang into the streets.  Frank (president) is going to talk to the home owners on the corner of Riverside Chase and Fairview about trimming their bushes and trees as it is making it hard to see and drive down the road.


That is about all I can remember.  I am really hoping that the new board members will be able to bring some new ideas to the board. 

There are still opening if people want to get involved.  We still need people to start back up the

Welcome Committee . This group would go and welcome the new homeowners, give them a packet about the community.  (I could have really used one of these :) )

Chase Report I know they will still need help with this.  Submitting ideas, someone to type it up and then print it out.  Once it is done I can post it to the web.

Architect Committee: I guess there is a bylaw that if you want to do anything to the outside of your home you are first suppose to submit it to the Architect Committe.  The Committe then makes sure the plans do not go against the Bylaws. The board is doing it right now and ask if someone would take it back over.

I hope this helps.



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