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Mailing of Dues Notices

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I had several neighbors ask about when they would receive their Dues Notice.
I Emailed our Treasurer, John B., Monday the 14th.He mailed me back the next day and said that he is waiting to see if the Corporate Seal,By-Laws Article XI, will be ready to utilize for stamping the Dues Notices. He also said, that if the Seal would not be ready in time that he would mail them without the Seal.

By Cindy Smith
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certified dues letter

I was very upset when I received a notice thatI had a Certified letter at the post office to pick up. I thought that i had forgotten to pay my dues and the ywere late. So when i picked the letter up and found out is was not late, i was angry. I had taken time out of my day and gas out of my car to pick something up that cost to much money and could have been put on a flyer and put in my mail box, like everything else. I feel like this was a waste of our time and also our money. I have spoken to several of my neighbors and they all feel the same as we do. So I would like this to be talked about at the next meeting. Certified letters should only be sent out if someone has not paid and is very late doing so, not to the people who pay on time.


Jamie and Ashley Ford

The issue of how the Treasurer had sent the Dues Notices was discussed at the Feb. Board Meeting. Please  see the Feb. Meeting Minutes Posted on this website. I also made a statement about this in the Feb. Newsletter. I am very sorry to say there was a misunderstanding, during the Jan. meeting,  as to how the Treasurer had plan to handle the Dues Notifications. It was thought by some of the members and myself included, that he planed to do the Certified letters for the delinquent property owners only. Again Let me say that I am very sorry for the expense and trouble  caused by these actions. Because of this, the Treasurer felt that it would be best to resign, so now the Board has a vacancy for that position that will have to be filled. I am doing the job temporarily along with the responsibilities of President, Beautification Committtee and the Activity Committee. If anyone is interested in being a Board Member please let a current Board Member know.

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