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Petty theft

Posted in: Riverside Chase
Has anyone had items stolen off their property either small or large? We along with other neighbors have. Watch what you leave out!

sorry but in this day and time... watch out for yourself.
theft - yes; attempted

It is ridiculous to be rude to someone for being a crime victim. A person has the right to be safe in his home. My neighbor was victim of a home invasion while she was sitting with her baby. A neighbor on !FAWNBROOK!* attempted to get into my and my neighbors' cars on each side of me. The kid still does not know that that the young man across the street had a shotgun aimed at him, nor that I had a knife. When the police came, we were informed that any of us could have legally killed the thief while he was in our yards. If anyone should receive a ''DUH,'' it is the bastards who steal from us while we work and struggle and save and do everything right. Oh, and why was he trying to get in every car on our street? cigarette money... DUH.

By Raymond
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