How to request Bump Speed, and walking crossing in a street needs it.

Posted in: Upland CA
I am new to the neighborhood and as soon as I moved I noticed a problem that in my opinion is very serious
for this street and especially for the safety of people and children.

First of all I would like to talk about how the problem is and more than anything I want to make it known
to both the city and the local residents so that those who agree can take action on the matter and decide
what is best for the place.

I live on one side of the street and right in front of the house where I live there is a park and a church,
to begin with the park is small and it only has places to park on the same street,
just past the park the street widens a little but still two lanes.

What I see as the most serious thing for this street is that it is a very narrow street and the cars go by too
fast right in front of the park where sometimes there are children playing there and a tragedy could happen.

The other problem is that on the side where the park and the church are, there are few houses,
the houses are further in front and to follow a safe crossing to the park you have to go to pedestrian crossings
that are very far from the park, crossing straight ahead is a challenge where a tragedy can arise,
and more so when a family comes with children and they have to get out of the car, it is very dangerous even for parked cars.

Good to give you data and see for yourselves the matter, the street is 8th just after passing
San Antonio on the way to Euclid. the park is the Fern reservoir Park.

In my opinion there should be both a speed bump as well as a sign with lights so that people can cross safely,
there are a couple of yellow signs indicating the park but it is of little use, cars are normally crossing 40mph or more.
I just want to let know the neighborhood and another people, is dont want to take actions at all, is more problems with the permanent
resident in this area, I'm here just temporary, but is a concern no ones report it before, and more for the people living here for years.
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