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Suggestions for the HOA??

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Hi. As many of you may be aware, I am the treasurer for the Villages of Wexford HOA; I'm also the Director of Communications which is a fancy way of saying that I compile the newsletters and maintain the website here at Neighborhood Link.

I would love to hear from you about any suggestions that you have about the newsletters, the website or anything else about the HOA. We have tried to increase the frequency of newsletters to every other month instead of just quarterly. Is this helpful to you?

When we complete projects, I try to provide pictures of before and after and post this information on the website as 'realtime' announcements as well and include similar information in the next newsletter. My hope in doing this is to provide a more clear idea as to what the focus of the association is and has been so our neighbors don't feel like they know what's going on. Is this helpful?

Please let me know how we can do better, or if you have other suggestions. I'll be happy to consider any ideas you provide. If you like what we're doing, comments are welcome there too. :)

Thank you!!
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We are new to the area, we moved here in 2008.

It appears that much is done with the website or community updates and I wanted to say I am available to help if needed



I am looking at Franciscan Terrace as a potential relocation.  I am looking at a few more places as well.  I noticed that the last HOA update online was 2008, and I was wondering what, if any changes have been made to rules and regulations.  Is the Pet Policy the same, do HOA fees cover just ground, exterior, pool maintainance and insurance or does it cover property taxes.  To be honest, I'm a farm girl, and I've never been with an HOA, so it's very new to me.  I'm not even sure, because this seems a bit outdated with uptdates, if I'll get a response.  I'm not ready to move today, and I am in research mode.  I do know that I like the South Charlotte area and it's proximity to the Park Road Shopping Center...a personal favorite when I visit.  But to be honest, I'm a little green when it comes to HOAs, and I'm just now learning.  I know each is different.  If you could enlighten me on a few of the policies and procedures, things that the HOA does for Franciscan Terrace, I would be very appreciative.


Thank you kinldy.

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I am curious if you ever moved to Franciscan Terrace. My wife and I are thinking about moving there and are wondering about HOA management and the community. We like the area for sure.



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