Southern Chase 5 HOA

The media

Posted in: Southern Chase - Willow Bend
We need to keep our comments to the press about the things that we have accomplished and keep it very positive.
The negative publicity is only hurting us.

Everyone always says to keep all news related correspondence etc positive... and I agree. However, media is not going to do a story on a generic neighborhood who has good things going for them... I mean think about it, that is not news. I tried to make my interview as positive as possible but some bad had to be mentioned to start it off as the basis for what we are doing and why we created this neighborhood watch. Showing that we have homeowners involved in keeping this neighborhood straight and trying to make it better is a positive thing. At this point I think no media is the best policy. We just continue to do what we can to make improvements and the positive light will shine all by itself.

By James

That is probally the best thing to do. No media

By Chris

It is, what it is. In what way do you think telling the truth of the matter is ''hurting us''?? Maybe we have one person to speak for all but I can't agree with the above.
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