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Need someone to check our commun

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on station st there alot of kids (gangs)that they are not our community some come from chase apartments. On saturday there were a fight and one of neighbor call police but all left and went thur the woods.Yesterday we saw one kid was walking(like something is wrong one of his leg)and walk thur neighbors backyard (Railway PL)then he went back to station street and walk normal i think he had a gun and looking for the person who call the police on Saturday.
Neighbors are scare they don't want to be involed they didn't want to call the police because that where all the kids hang out and there is a grey car and i heard from neighbors they been using drugs. We have small children its getting bad there. i want at least send an undercover police and not a police.Just to see whats going on.
I agree

It is a shame, we have groups of kids standing around on the corners, hanging out in the street. They don't care when you coming drive down the road, they won't move or they move very slow. It makes the neighborhood look bad.

People need to bag their trash as well. I am so sick of seeing garbage scattered everywhere. It blows in my yard as well. That is why I am selling my house.
HOA fees

what are the HOA fees going towards? The front entrance to the neighborhood off of Zion is a mess. what are we paying for?

No idea what they're doing, but I'm going to start filing complaints via certified mail with return receipt requested.  I just reported a neighbor (renters, not owners) for using the cul-de-sac loop as their personal parking space.  The problem is, the school buses, trash and recycle trucks have a rough time getting turned around in the cul-de-sac whenever a car is parked in the loop.  Not to mention the rules state we can't park in the street, much less the cul-de-sac.  I've been here for 4 years now and people are always parked in the street whether they have enough space in their driveway or not.  I'll wait another week or so before I send a complaint via certified mail....this last time, I sent an email directly to prism real estate and included photos of the vehicle parked while a bus, trash truck and the recycle truck were in the cul-de-sac making 5 and 8 point turns just to make their way out of the cul-de-sac and avoid hitting the car.  I'm a software developer and I'm also considering creating a web site dedicated to logging complaints that were sent to HOA's to get an idea of which HOA's are not enforcing the rules and which ones are.  That information will be made available to attorney's that specialize in real estate law and could eventually be used as evidence against HOA's or abusive board members if a pattern of abuse of lack of action is obvious.  I'll personally pay my dues and then sue the HOA to recover the dues if they continue failing to enforce the rules set forth by the HOA in the first place.

I live on Trestle CT and this is where my phase of the HOA begins.  I think overall, this phase is probably the worst kept and sees the least rules enforced of them all.



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