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Own your own home?

Want to lower your electric bill? Want to save on average of $35,000 in utility bills? Want to increase property value by tens of thousands?

FREE Solar Panels that are installed, maintained, insured, monitored, permitted, and inspected for FREE! All 0% APR! You are going to spend that money on the utility companies anyways, you might as well spend it towards solar and save yourself thousands. Plus if for whatever reason the system does not generate the electricity it is supposed to, they will pay your electric bill for you!

Visit the website to sign up for a FREE Consultation. It is super easy process, everyone is very knowledgeable and nice, and you will be very glad once you do.


Plus if you sign up and go through with Solar, I will pay you in cash or PayPal an additional $50 to thank you.

Check out "http://youtu.be/Ypteee3R8fw" to see a quick Solar City overview video the describs the process and highlights.

Personal Note:
I am an engineer and think through everything very carefully, do cost analysis, do a lot of research, ask a lot of questions along the way, and determine all of the pros and cons. This company and its employees really know what they are talking about. They were able to answer all of my questions and help me truly understand all of the details of their operation. Everything completely checked out. I was unable to find any major flaws and once I found out all of the details, I could not sign up fast enough.

I had my solar panels installed on the back side of my roof (facing my backyard so it is out of sight from the street). Even though that side of my house is considered to be the "least suitable" side facing the sun, the overall system performs flawlessly and performs as expected.

Also please know that in Delaware there is the "Solar Rights Law" which does not allow for HOAs to restrict you the right to install solar panels. Other states/areas have similar laws.

The main fact that really encouraged me to choose Solar City was that over the lifetime of my solar panels, I will be saving an estimated $35,000! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, but I would suggest go through the website and contacting the Solar City rep directly.



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