Gas Utilities?

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Hi, I was wondering what it would take to get a Gas Utility in our neighborhood to help reduce the costs of heating bills.  Has anyone looked into this in the past?  I know natural gas prices seem to be much lower than electric and oil.


I am wondering if a certain % of people agreed to switch if a gas provider would be willing to install the infastructure?


Thanks! - Steve

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Hi Steve,

I'm actually looking into solar thermal and geothermal, both of which cost less to operate than oil or gas, and are environmentally friendly and renewable resources.  There are lots of federal and state incentives for installing these systems too.  The upfront cost is more than a new oil or gas system, but with incentives and operating savings I think they are worth it.  They can also increase the value of your home.  I think these would be a better option than trying to get gas in the neighborhood.  Do you have any interest?  I am chairing the new Green Energy Committee for the neighborhood association now (not sure what that means), but I've been doing some research and could use some help from anyone who is interested.


Hi Katie,

Is this still something you're looking into? I was working with Merlin Jacobs of Tilden Gardens to put together a proposal for solar water heating and he said the next step was to come speak to the Green Energy Committee. He's no longer there, however, and the new manager seems to have a lot on his plate with the FIOS install. If you want to chat, please let me know.

Justin Schafer 

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