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I live in the cactus and 36th st. I recently Kicked out a renter. Now I can hear them on my roof and attic and back pool area. I'm a 55 Yr old lady, unemloyed and go up enough money to ur door and window alarms in. They have went off but are of no use now. They found a different way in. They haven't tried to hurt me, but I think their doing illegal activity. Have called police twice now but they leave before they get here. There is a mini bike that runs up and down Bloomfield road when they are here.i contacted silent witness, they said contact the police. The police think I'm a crazy old lady...someone help me please

Aww , i am so very sorry to read of your troubles. I am going to suggest something that may help and may be inexpensive to you , given your age and unemployment status. However, home sercurity is not as costly as it once was. Actually , a person  can get it through their cable these days, This is provding you have cable. How about simply getting some small video cameras, have your son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandchild, or whomever may be computer and video savvy and begin your own personal surveillance? The police can, and will dispute a lot of things but the one silent witness that tells no tales is surveillance. Please, be safe and have a wonderful summer ma'am.

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