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my yard got a little wet today because some theifs stold my irrigation slat out of my back yard. So my sweet neighbor twoo doors down that i dont even know, kindly banged my door down and yelled at me and would not stop yelling. so i told him to get offmy property. then he calls the cops on me. Its sunday and i was taking a nap. the cops were rude too. they wrote me a ticket. All because someone stold my irrigation doors. well ... the guy could of offeredto help me fix the problem. I mind my bussiness and heis a rude neighbor. I dont call the cops when he rides his atv up and down the street with to or three kids on the back of it with no helmets. or he is up all night banging and welding stuff/  Im so upset about this. thanks for listing.  i fixed the irrigation problem already too. thanks. any suggestionsabout how to avoid rude persicuting neighbors like him?

Yeah that sounds like it sucks.  It sounds like a neighbor who gets off on telling other people how to live, yet doesn't pay attention to his own issues.


I had something similar happen.  I had just moved in this year and had only been in the house 3 weeks.  I called a service to try to work on my pool.  The guy had to pull into the alley load and unload material, so the dogs in the yards next to the alley are pitching a fit, which is fine.  Out of one of the houses, a guy comes up telling me that my guy had to get out of the alley cause he was calling the police.  I said to him, "I am your new neighbor, is this really how you want to begin our relationship?"  I introduced myself to him and offered my hand.  He ignored it and went off telling me how I was disturbing the peace because of his dog.  I asked him how the guy working for me was disturbing the peace because he was pretty quiet.  He said because of the dog barking, HIS OWN DOG.


The cops never showed up.  But here is a few facts I learned;

1) service trucks can be in the alley for up to a half hour.  

2) If YOUR dog is disturbing the peace, YOU can get a fine and and class one misdemeanor, MINIMUM!! (not the guy who your dog is barking at  

3) It does not matter according to law when your dogs are barking.  There is not "grace time"

4) Every persons name can be found on the internet if you know where they live.


So he had better not try to call the police on me again.  If he does, then everytime I hear that damn dog for ANY reason I will call the police on him myself.


Now it shouldn't be this way right?  as neigbors we should be neighborly.  Why is it that the first thing somebody wants to do when they see something they don't like is to rat someone out.  Call the police and cause them trouble.  It's not the same as somebody cutting you off in traffic who you will never see again, this is a person who will live next to you for years and anything good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander.  I have a phone too.  I know the phone number for the police too and no one is perfect.  Especially if they own barking dogs.


You really can't stop a neighbor from calling the police on you frivilously.  I have looked into it.  You can speak to them yourself, maybe.  


I am going to do my best to get to know and be friends with my neighbors.  All of them own dogs, and all of their dogs bark all the time.  I don't mind it so much, but the first time I throw a party, which I may do from time to time, they had better not even think of calling the cops or they will have a new enemy and I will have no problem calling the cops on them because of their dogs any and everytime I hear them, which is several times a night and during the day.


Everyone Be Kind to Your Neighbors, Neigbor!! Don't start feuds!


Good luck buddy!

 thanks for your reply. now I dont feel so alone.  Yes thats the part that gets me. that guy neighbor of mine lives two doors down and I dont know him. He is about thirtys in age and has a young family. He just came banging on my door yelling. gee I dont get it. any way I just mind my bussiness. I dont care what the nieghbors do, as long as its nothing dangerous. they could have partys dogs what ever. even a horse. as long as its there yard. and  all my neighbors are fine. then out of the blue this rude one comes out. oh well. he will see. if he disturbs the peace he should get fined.  I just hope not to see him ever at my door again. thats all.  anyway, nice chating with you. please chat back.  and I will let you know the outcome of court. since the nice officer wrote me a ticket. to appease that jerk. I know I will get out of it because I didnt do anything wrong in the first place. so thanks for listing. reply when you want ok.  thanks. neighbor.

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