Sex Offender Restrictions in Pompano Beach

Posted in: Pompano Beach FL

My brother is trying to move back to Pompano Beach. He is a registered sex offender.


I am getting conflicting information on what the residency requirements are for sex offenders in Pompano Beach. It says 2500ft. However, I thought there was a distinction between offenders and predators, and that offenders had less restrictions?


I also read that, if you've lived in the city prior to the law taking effect, you are exempt from the residency restrictions. The law was enacted in 2005, and his offense occurred in March of 2004 (conviction in September 2004). Can he therefore live anywhere he wants in Pompano? How can he prove his previous residency? Driver's license records from that time should show he lived in the Highlands area...


He also should be exempt from Florida state restrictions (again, because of the date of his offense).


Please bear this in mind: my brother is a good man. His crime was awful and there are no excuses, but he is NOT a threat to the community: he had pictures of teens on his computer, and was tracked down and caught. Again, no excuses, and it's a disgusting thing, but he's been back in society for three years, is off of every type of sanction, and just wants to live his life.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.


- Jon

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