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taxes & water foes

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I will be moving into Longlea soon and I'm worried over High water bills, I just read the article and was unaware of this could someone tell me what they pay....also what are the taxes??

taxes and water foes

We will also be moving into Longlea after the new year and have heard about the high water bills too. I spoke with a homeowner who said they were trying to locate at least 75 property owners to sign to have the water bills lowered. I do not know the amount of the water bills. I would like to find out more too.

By Karen
Tax and Water Cost

We are moving to Longlea as well. When we committed to buying, there was a form we signed that stated that the water and sewere bill was significantly higher than other areas because Longlea has not been annexed into the Town of Clover.

I contacted the Town of Clover and requested their current rates. I compared those rates against my current water usage. We found that we will be paying about twice what we pay in Charlotte now, however, we currently do not wash our cars or water our lawns.

I can't find the name of the person I spoke with for the Town of Clover (803)222-7700. I can say that she was very nice and explained to me that since Clover has only 4000 residents sharing the cost of having water shipped in from Gastonia that the prices are going to be much higher than Charlotte that has so many more people sharing the cost.

I have spoken with a long-time Longlea resident who was there before CP Morgan and he pays $80/month for himself and his wife. He has heard of families with two or more kids paying $150+ per month.

I read in the Rock Hill Herald that the town is looking into annexing Griggs Elementary School (and other schools) into Clover. The benefits of being annexed in would be access to Clover Police (instead of York County police), Clover Fire protection, garbage pickup and reduced water and sewer rates. The downside of being annexed is that the taxes would go up. It's kind of a double-edged sword. The resident I spoke to does not believe that Longlea will ever be annexed in.

When I asked him if he like living in Longlea he let me know that he and his wife like where they live and don't mind paying extra for water and sewer for a nice community.

I guess it's a trade-off. I just hope the schools are better than Charlotte because that was one of our motivations to buy in Longlea.

Clover taxes were in the Charlotte paper at

Here is another site to help determine taxes:

Hope I have helped.


By Heather

One reason water bills are so high is that the builder put in 1000 water meters for each property.  If you use 0-1000 gals the price is $65-68 if you go over 1000 gal then it goes higher.  I would prefer that we do not get annexed in that would mean we would have to pay town taxes and has any one ever seen any taxes go down certainly not me all I see is taxes continue to go up and up.  You can control the amount of water you use but you cannot govts spending.


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