Sidewalk danger in front of my mailbox

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I am a fairly new member (12/28/2012) and I have been disabled due to spinal

fusion surgery, My wife (Cherie and I ) Dan Becker reside at 5755 Coachwood

trail, the community mailbox is located between my front yard and neighbor on

the right of out house, the sidewalk has been lifted nearly 4'' on one side due to

tree roots lifting it. I reported it to the city over a year ago and after 3 months they

did come and make a report of it. (I put traffic cones so people don't trip over it as

my wife did while walking our dog, (spranging her akle) as I am now unable to walk

and confinded to a wheelchair I cannot access mailbox. Also many people in our neighborhood park their cars over the sidewalk it makes it impossible for me to

safely get to the park or get around our neighborhood. Can anyone get some action done to make our neighborhood more ADA safe???? I have tried many times with

the city repair dept but they just say (it's on the list) of repairs, does it take someone

tripping and being killed for this to become a priority???  Thanks, Dan Becker

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Just got onto the site and saw your post without any replies.  I think a good way to go about this would be to fill out a change of landscape design form.  That way the committee would actually have something in writing.  If the committee reviews the application and there is a denial because it is city maintained....I'm not sure what you could do but wait.  However, if we could take this matter into our own hands...I have plenty of construction/landscape personal to help.

Mel Musolf

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