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I am sure that the HOA states that the noise level should be on quite mood around 10:00 PM weekdays.  I know that it is fourth of July but when people have to go to work and you have other two houses down with fireworks at 10:30 PM it is rude.  I ask them to please stop so that I may get sleep for work the next day and what happens they moved the fireworks down two more houses and was on the Golf Course.  The young couple's house next to ours text me and said that the fireworks were keeping here 9 month old baby up.  I walked over to where these grown men were and ask them to please keep it down and one of the guys (drinking beer) started to become rude and said that I was ruining it for the kids.  First, this man leases in this area. Second, he has no rights on the golf course with fireworks.  Third, since this guy has moved in this area he has blocked the sidewalks (which is not safe), he has changed his oil in the drive way (which is not allowed), he has put up a blow up swimming pool (which is not allowed).  I think it is time that our HOA sends out letters to remind everyone that of the rules.  This has gone on to long and needs to STOP.  I also think that if someone is leasing the property and they go against the HOA they should be eveicted from the property with the thrid warning.  This is going to decrease our home values.  Also, this is all saftey hazzards. 

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I know this is a VERY late reply but we are just now getting back to trying to keep this web site up todate. If this is still a problem PLEASE send an email to the contact list on this web site, it will go to one of the HOA Officers. Also you should not hesitate to contact Spectrum via their web site, there is a link on this web site to Spectrum, and fill out the form to report the violations to them. They are being paid to enforce the By-Laws and CCCR's of the HOA. Thanks, Bob

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