01-29-08 Meeting Minutes

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Neighborhood Meeting
Westleigh Neighborhood Association
Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.
at Vegas Verdes Elementary School
4000 El Parque Ave
???œNeighborhood Watch
???œNeighborhood Partners Fund
???œSpring Community Beautification Event
???œUpcoming Neighborhood Meeting Dates

???œWelcome and Introductions. Present were Franklin Simpson, the Board, and 15 attendees.
???œNeighborhood Watch (NW) was tabled to February??fs Meeting for more information and/or a guest speaker. NW requires a sign-in of interest to be submitted along with a designated Captain who acts as the Neighborhood liaison. Each street will have ??geyes??h who will report any suspicious activity to the Captain, who in-turn will report it to Metro.
???œThe Neighborhood Partners Fund (NPF) are grant funds Neighborhood Associations can apply for to assist in improving the livability of neighborhoods through matching funds (matching funds are required to be met 1:1 and can be satisfied with labor at $15/hour). Jamie on Melville volunteered to attend one of the orientation workshops and complete the application, due by April 25th, 2008. Prior to submitting the application, Jamie will need to present it at an Association Meeting for approval and to generate ideas for using the funds (if granted). If granted, the Council cuts a check directly to the project source so noone within Westleigh needs to be responsible or accountable for the money.
???œSpring Community Beautification Event will be scheduled on a Saturday in May after our Neighborhood ??gPorch??h (a community RV that provides resources for a neighbor gathering). The Beautification Event brings out the ??gRapid Response Team??hon a Saturday from 0900am - 1200pm. They will pick-up most anything. A flyer will be mailed along with a reminder at our ??gPorch??h. The ??gTeam??h can be called at 229-6615 anytime something needs to be picked up or cleared out of the alleys.
???œUpcoming Neighborhood Meeting Dates: The Last Tuesday of every month at Vegas Verdes Elementary School??fs Multi-purpose Room starting at 6:30pm: Feb 26, Mar 25, Apr 29, May??fs ??gPorch??h, (June, July and Aug off), Sept 30, Oct 28 and a Dec ??gPorch??h.

Other Business:
???œPrior Council meetings have talked about widening Valley View. This is indeed the case. According to the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), the study began in October and is expected to take a year. They are looking at the Valley View corridor from Hwy 95 to Harmon. The 1st Public meeting will be in the middle of February. For more information :
???œRepublic Services has been contacted to change the trash pick-up location from Oakey to Westleigh. They are to assess the feasibility and notify the residents of any change. I??fll keep you posted to the outcome.
???œHistoric Designation information from Courtney Mooney will be presented at the March Meeting. Courtney is attending the Las Vegas Centennial Commission in January for approval of projects the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) has earmarked. She will present the list of approved projects to the HPC on February 27th, 2008 at 12:15 pm at the Development Services Center, 731 S. Fourth Street. (Anyone is welcomed to attend to show support and speak in favor of our survey.) The cost of the official survey can be $30K to $40K.
???œThe final, unofficial Historic Designation survey results: 21% responded with 87% in favor; 7% not in favor and 6% undecided.
???œThere was a request for more of the ??g20 commonly asked Questions of Code Enforcement??h handouts to be available at future meetings

???œNeighborhood Partners Fund pamphlet
???œ??gRapid Response Team??h Flyer
???œWestleigh Neighborhood Crime Data Map
???œPhotographs from our December 2007 ??gPorch??h

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I represent the owner of a property located in Cheyenne Ridge HOA.  The address is 9629 Boylagh Ave Las Vegas NV 89129.  I have been trying to track down the HOA for this property for many months and have finally ended up here.  I need to speak with someone about paying my HOA Fees and gaining access to the property so that various services can be performed -  Including maintaining the lawn and updating the interior.  Please let me know if you can provide any info regarding contact with the HOA.  My contact info is: Dan Orton 801-481-8174 .  Please contact me as soon as possible if you are willing and able to assist.

Thank you,

Daniel Orton


I'm in a similar situation.  What a pain it's been!  Check out this link (page 7), it might be what you are looking for.  Hope it helps!


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