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Security Habits

All the security devices in the world will not keep you safe if you don’t make a
habit of using them.  Healthy caution must become a habit.

  1. Always answer the phone; otherwise, a potential burglar may think the home is
    unoccupied and break in. When you answer the phone, never let the caller know
    that you are home alone. 
  2. Always respond to your doorbell. First, check through the peephole viewer to see who
    is outside your door.  Never open your door to anyone you do not know and
    fully trust.
  3. In the case of service and repairmen, verify their identities and purposes with
    their dispatchers before you open the door.  If you decide to allow them
    to enter, arrange to either have a friend or neighbor there with you or
    monitoring you with periodic phone calls. 
  4. Do not allow children to answer the door, because they are less cautious. 
    Begin reinforcing good security habits at an early age.
  5. Be careful about giving out information concerning yourself or where you live,
    either in person, by mail, or over the phone.
  6. Do not put your name on your mailbox. In the phone book, list your name in a
    manner that does not indicate that you are a female or living alone.
  7. Keep emergency phone numbers posted near your phones.
  8. When returning home, make sure that you are not being followed.  Be alert for
    anyone who may be waiting for you to unlock your door so that they can force
    their way in.  Have your keys ready before you get to your door so that
    you can enter as quickly as possible.
  9. When returning home, if you have any reason to believe that an unauthorized entry
    has been made while you were away, DO NOT ENTER! Go to a safe place
    immediately, such as a neighbor’s house, and get help before you return.

    10.    Remember that there is strength in numbers.  Join your Neighborhood Watch.



Posted by bowman1020 on 09/26/2011
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