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they were fiberglass poles. I stopped and dug pole out of the mulch. Fiberglass can be repaired. Cheap.

 I'm seeing more interest in our flags. Again I'll pay to start a civil suit if I have backing. Just support no moneys.

Are you kidding me? You're going to file a civil suit against the HOA because they took down flag poles that were in danger of falling? Good luck with that buddy! First of all if you've bothered to read your covenants and by-laws the HOA doesn't have to get approval for anything other than raising the dues and electing officers. Why wasn't there this much of an uproar over the condition of the flags that were left up for who knows how many years? Those things were hideous. They're not supposed to be left up in rain, snow or other bad weather but they were. They're not supposed to be flown at night but they were. Where was the outcry from the veterans then? Do you have any clothes, hat or blankets that have the American flag on them? If so you're violating proper flag ettiquette. I think what Amy Simes said was correct. Those flags did make the neighborhood look horrible. I have friends that would make comments on them every time they came over. They were embarrassing. If it bothers you so much, why don't you hang one up in your front yard or put some up around your mailbox or do like the people in the curve of the circle do and hang one up in your window. There are many ways to show your pride of being an American. Many members of my family are veterans and let me tell you not one of them gets upset to the point of suing people just because a flag pole isn't up everywhere they go. Volunteer at a local VA, tell a Veteran thanks, go to the airport and welcome home a soldier or wish him well as he leaves. Suing a HOA because they've done something to upset you is the norm for Americans now. I'm pretty positive that when the men and women of this country fight for our freedom it's not so we can turn around and file a stupid lawsuit. What would happen if one of those flagpoles had fallen on a child walking to or from school? What would have happened if it fell on your car and killed either yourself or your spouse? If you've got the money to spend on filing a civil suit then why don't you pay to have them replaced if it means that much to you? The cost would be about the same.

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What do you consider cheap? I bet if you ask the HOA they could provide the quotes they received to repair the flag poles.

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In reply to the bad shape of the flag.  This is why we took them down in the first place.  To me having no flag was better than having torn flags up.  It was then that we started to find the problems with the poles.  We originally talked about just putting in new ones, but our goal is to completely redo the front entrances. 


The cost to replace the flag poles was going to be around $5,000 plus taxes. 


We are in the final stages of getting quotes from the landscaper that will drastically improve the front of our community.  Our goal is to make the front so appealing that people want to drive in to see what we have to offer. 


We are also starting to enforce the Bylaws.  


I am not going to be able to add a forum to the new site, so I will continue to monitor this one. So please continue to post here, call or e-mail the HOA with concerns.  If you want to see what we are doing at our meetings then go to the new site to see our minutes from each meeting. 


Things slowed down as we adjusted to the new management company, but things are improving and everyone will start to see results soon. 



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