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Bayshore School Redistricting

Posted in: Bayshore Gardens Park - Recreation District
We, the concerned parents, residents and community members of Bayshore Gardens, request that the recent redistricting plan, for Bayshore Gardens, be reversed by the Manatee School Board so that the entire Bayshore Gardens community remains districted to Electa Lee Middle School.

The recent redistricting plan adversely affects our community for the following reasons:
1) Children: Our children will not be going to school with the same children that they have bonded with for years in their own neighborhood. Even if their friends live just across 26th street (two-lane street), they will now have to go to separate schools. Our children will no longer be able to work on homework assignments together or share rides to school. Our children will have to walk across US 41 (six-lane highway), if walking is their transportation to school. This change adversely affects their education and safety.
2) Parents: Parents will now have to build relationships with other after-school providers who bus from other schools. Parents would no longer be able to pick up their child?’s friends for play dates and extra curricular activities with their own children because they won?’t be going to the same schools. This change will be costly and time consuming for all parents.
3) Property Values: Our entire community property values will decrease because we are no longer a ?“whole?” community. If the middle school redistricting takes effect, it will only be a matter of time before our children will be separated out of Bayshore Elementary and Bayshore High School. Even though they are all our neighborhood schools, just as Lee, the School Board can now base its future redistricting plans on the 26th street divide, which is not a major roadway. With the growth in Manatee County, this is only one of many redistricting plans in our future. This change affects the economics for our entire community.
4) Community: Splitting Bayshore Gardens in almost half will tear this community apart. This community is coming up on its 50th anniversary! This area was the ?“original?” and first planned community in Manatee County. We have so many wonderful community programs and activities. Having our children separated will drive a wedge through our community and it is only the beginning. The redistricting plan by the School Board divides our community south of Bayshore Gardens Parkway and east of 26th street, straight to the bay and the heart of our community, our community center.

Please post your comments here and we will forward them to the School Board
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