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Posted in: Bayshore Gardens Park - Recreation District
It appears that our neighborhood is being targeted by a group of organized thieves. Adults have teenage kids breaking into homes stealing TV, VCR?’s Guns, and jewelry. In and out very quickly. I also do not believe the Sheriff?’s Department is able to do much either. Even if they bust the ring, the leaders are getting away and the kids being juveniles are not prosecuted to the extent that adults would be. Halloween was a good time to case the neighborhood, identifying who is and who is not home.

We are our own best defense against this home intrusion. Jot down a strange car in the street or neighbors drive and the time noticed. Especially if they are carrying things out of the house. A few days later when you hear of what went on, you may still be able to help. Keep descriptions accurate and with as much detail as you can muster. Should the Sheriff catch a few of these creeps, they will move elsewhere. They have no fear of prosecution either. Crime watch cannot be everywhere. They are a big help and are limited by the number of people and what they can do. Thanks for your consideration.

By Steve

Dear Steve I am a resident on Columbia Dr. I am constantly checking on my surroundings, having gas stolen recently out of my wife`s car as well as mine. Her car the gauge was dammaged in the tank from the hose. The thought of it just steams me, I know if I can do my part to stop it I will. I just had some neighbors that moved just after we came back from vacation, they are the ones I believed stole the gas. I just had a feeling, maybe because they were always trying to bum gas money, cigs..., you name it, and no one worked in the family that I saw, they came accross as a bunch of gypsies from the day they moved in. My fiance happened to mention that I had a recording of someone stealing on video, which I had set up before vacation, I am training in the field of PI work. You should have seen the reaction we got from them. The whole family was out in the street screaming and yelling it was a calamity. The deputy was called out and calmed the situation, he wanted the tape but did not get it. I call that white trash, they have moved now, I do have their new address if anything comes up, however I still see them in the neighborhood trying to mow peoples grass with the mower in the trunk and the oldest son with his shorts hanging 1/2 way off his ass. They drive a tan buick, if you see them beware.
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