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                                                                           Monday, October 4, 2009


The honorable Charlie Crist, Governor              Mr. Liam Mc Clay, Appointment Office

State Of Florida                                               The Capital, 705

The Capitol                                                      Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001


Re: Did City Commissioner Margaret Bates lie on her application?



Dear Governor Crist / Mr.


This email letter comes with great urgency and intensity that the community and I question the moral consciousness and challenge with vigor if, City of Lauderhill, Commissioner Margaret Bates did not knowingly, purposely and deliberate provide you, the honorable Charlie Crist, Governor State Of Florida with false information as it directly apply to her application to be appointed to Broward County Commission District # 9.


Number seven (7) of the application asked: Do you now, or have you within the last three years, been a member of any club or organization that, to you knowledge, in practice or policy restricts membership or restricted during the time that you belonged on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or gender? If, so detail the name and nature of the club (s) nor organization(s), relevant policies and practices, and state whether you intend to continue as a member if you appointed by the Governor. No said Margaret Bates on her application.


Accordingly, to the South Florida Times Weekly Newspaper, the City of Lauderhill, finance Department City of Lauderhill; Commissioner Margaret Bates did in fact belong to the Broward Black Elected Officials organization that membership did not include Whites, and prohibited the lone White City of Lauderdale Lakes, Commissioner David Shomers from joining the all Black Membership of Broward Black Elected Officials Organization through De-facto if not, any other methodology wherein, she may have served as Secretary and or Treasure, and now, may hold some form of Executive Office in the same organization.






Should my mind serve me correctly, in a City of Lauderhill, Commission meeting public Communication Section I recall asking the City of Lauderhill, Black Commissioners Haywood Benson, Jr., Dale Holness and Margaret Bates who were all Members of the Broward Black Elected Officials Organization, who Membership appeared to have been paid for through taxpayers dollars, to resign from the Broward Black Elected Officials Organization, and my request was ignored seemingly, with the support of one of two White folk Mayor, Richard Kaplan who all four appears to vote the same-way.


Sir, other questionable practices in the then, Broward Black Elected Officials Organization wherein, legislators appeared to have used City of Lauderdale Lakes, Employee(s) on City of Lauderdale time, which may have violated the City of Lauderdale Lakes Charter hereby establishes the separation between the legislative and administrative functions of this government; the established and adopted of policy shall be the responsibility of the Legislative Branch and the execution of that policy shall be the responsibility of the Administrative Branch, and the questionable financial distribution practices that may have been not just foreign to due process but vaguely contrary, to the organization’s aims, goals and objectives of providing educational scholarships to the tone of tens of thousands of dollars.


The Broward County State Attorney’s Office again, did not seemingly executed a thorough investigation of the Broward Black Elected Officials Organization because the City of Lauderdale Lakes continue to have fallout from the revealing of those practices.


Governor, I intend to file civil complaints against, these folk because the statute of limitations from year 2008 provides for such time and rights, using taxpayers dollars and government facilities to discriminate or look as if, you are discriminating is just not accepted. Reverse discrimination is just as bad as any form of discrimination.


Suspended Broward County, Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion, Jr. and his projects or works seemingly, had the moral or participation support of the City of Lauderhill, Margaret Bates.


In my opinion, as an active citizen, voter and taxpayer of the City of Lauderhill under her seating as a Commissioner, and a resident of Broward County, Commission District # 9 I do not believe these concerns are oversights as the status quo said about Suspended Broward County Commissioner Eggelletion.


Also, in my opinion, this educated woman appeared to have falsified her application with the motive of being appointed to one of the highest paid jobs in Broward County, who had just been re-elected / unopposed to the City of Lauderhill, Commission thus causing more problems in Broward County, and just passed up an opportunity, to run for the same seat.


We have witness Federal, State and county or local employees removed from the job process for not telling the truth on their application why should she be treated any better. Please remove her effective immediately.


Could this more of greediness or an effort push by the status quo to install a rubber stamp?



Posted in Fort Lauderdale FL by lilsugar on 10/05/2009
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