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At the pool today, there was a letter that states a developer is planning on going before Mt. Juliet City Commission on Monday June 23 to request our front subdivision entrance be rezoned to retail. This would make Devonshire 4 lanes and tear down the trees lining the road. The meeting is 7pm Monday 2425 N. Mt Juliet Rd.

Email district 2 commissioner Will Sellers at or 754-2552 ext 402 to voice any concerns.

Just thought it should be mentioned to our neighbors since I had not heard of this yet and the vote is in 2 days. Whoever put the flyer out, thanks.  Spread the word.



I have e-mailed the commisioner and my husband and I will be attending the meeting this evening.  I will keep everyone posted.


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Does anyone have information on the meeting tonight between the Board and the developer?  I went to City Hall last night and Will Sellers asked to defer the vote and referenced a meeting scheduled for tonight (Tuesday).   Thanks. 

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I haven't heard either.  I emailed Commissioner Sellers to ask him for an update but haven't received a response.  If it's been tabled for another day, I'm going to continue to email the mayor and other members of the Commission until it's officially voted down.

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