Keeping Turtle Cove Alive...Part 1 - the BAR

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Turtle Cove is in dire straits, no doubt.  There are, however, things that the board could do to correct this matter.  Will they do what they can to save our community and our property values?  That remains to be seen, I guess.  Time and time again I've witnessed board members that have a closed mind and their own 'personal agenda'.  Sure, the position pays nothing and it can be extremely stressful.  But, if you don't have the best interest of this community in mind, you have no right to serve on our board and make decisions that will ultimately affect no one but the homeowners in Turtle Cove.  The BAR could be the largest revenue producing department here.  Our board won't allow that.  I don't personally drink, but I have enough sense to know where the money is.  From the information that I've gathered, the majority of residents here range in age from 25 to 55
years old.  Don't you feel that it would make more sense financially, if the board catered to the MAJORITY of Turtle Cove rather than strictly to the very few retired residents that reside here?
Take a look at these suggestions:
#1) When you walk into that BAR, it's like walking into a conference room.  It's sad.  If the board were to pep up the appearance of the bar to the standards of residents 25-55 years old, they would come.                                                            #2) If the board did away with some of the RIDICULOUS rules that were put into effect by previous, IGNORANT board members, they would come.                            #3) If the board opened the BAR more than 2 nights a week (with #'s 1 and 2 above in effect), they would come.                                                                            

It doesn't take a genius to know that the members and residents of Turtle Cove would like to come to THEIR BAR, and have just as good of a time as they would 10 miles down the road.  They wouldn't be risking DUI or getting into an accident. And they wouldn't have far to drive to go home. 

The BAR at the clubhouse could be producing a ton of revenue, but our board will not allow it.

A "property owner" that thinks she's on the board once told me: "Turtle Cove is a non-profit organization, we can't show a profit"  Well guess what???  Every dime of revenue could and should be put right back into our community. There is more things that need to be repaired, replaced and cleaned than I can even name.  That comment was completly off the wall and out of line.

It's obvious that the comments, concerns and complaints we make to the board, falls on deaf ears.  The only thing that we can hope for is that (soon) we get a good team on the board that truly cares about making a difference.  Don't hold your breath, though.

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I was at the board meeting when Gail Gay made that comment and it showed the only thing that concerned her was her own personell agenda and not our neighborhood. The Bar was once a fun and profitable place that was always packed on Wed and Fri nights but the older crowd did not like to see people having fun so know the bar only has 4 or 5 people on friday night.

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I can not believe we can not do better with the restaurant as well.  Is there no way to have a menu that attracts more people... wings place seems buzier than the TCPOA restaurant.

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How about opening the restaurant to the public?

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