Roseview is a horrible HOA

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 Why are the people who have lived in this neighborhood treated like dirt by the HOA .When several bank owned homes look horrible and are not cared for at all. The president of the HOA is rude and treats the paying residents horrible. I have been paying my dues for eight years plus. I bet the banks don't pay a dime.

Roseview HOA “Surprise AZ” is a terrible place to live, the HOA is just making the neighbors tell over each other, how unproductive and uninviting of a place to live.  Guest are unwelcome (Parking) and turn in your neighbors (See the HOA meeting minutes).

There are several solutions to this situation. The first is to organize our like minded neighbors (and believe me, there are MANY) who are as dissatisfied as you and I are with our HOA and fill the election ballot with new faces and neighbors who have more to do than nitpick, write "warnings" and fines.

My favorite option is to get a few of us together and legally dissolve the HOA.

The next favorite option is to secede from the HOA by creating a new one.


Read this Rosevies HOA board: These are not singular complaints- we are more than just "dissatisified" ... that was several exits back. The primary purpose of an HOA is to preserve property values. My most recent property tax assessment says the HOA is failing in this prupose.

I would ask this question. Can an HOA be dissolved? I've never heard of this, not saying it can't just that I've never heard of it happening. If we were successful in disolvement what would happen to the park areas? I have always been disgusted with HOA's..not just Roseview but the other HOA's I have resided in. I'm for dissolvement and then figuring it out from there.

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