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Am I the only one that is going to display disgust with the color of the back gate, Oh and the wast of money that we as a community has put into the contractors on the job??? Now, lets discuss the ramp that they built on the back that a waste or was it an "afterthought"???. .. Wow....oh, and if that was not enough, the construction of the privacy fence around the pool.....why is their a gap on the bottom.......weren't those center blocks made to go to the groud, I mean unless your looking for a lawsuit a kid can get under that??? Or did I speak too soon; and are yall going to place a decorative piece (aka another waste of our dollars) I think a little more planning could have received a more positive outcome (both financially and for the community)...again these contractors are not upgrading they are downgrading our community....Now here Iis the kicker.......if they plan to paint those blocks the same color as the back were dealing with an eyesore!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont tell me that they are building that front gates like the back gates.....oh and that new electric gate panel is it going to be another eyesore.......and miss-match.....who is responsible? ?? Because if you are throwing money to these guys it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you they are ripping us off, or are we doing this on the low end of labor so someone on our board can pocket some petty cash....Undecided (dont blame me for not comming to the unorganized community meetings I work LATE!! )

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