Radcliffeborough Neighborhood Association

January 24th 2008 Minutes

Minutes of the January 24, 2008 Meeting of the Radcliffeborough

Minutes of the January 24, 2008 Meeting of the Radcliffeborough Neighborhood Assoc.

The president, Dan Lesesne, called the meeting to order and began by outlining several accomplishments of the neighborhood for 2007 including “victory” in preventing Sun Trust
Bank from setting up at Rutledge and Vanderhorst, hosting a successful forum for mayoral and city council candidates in the early fall, successful installation of speed bumps on three neighborhood streets.
He offered several challenges for 2008: re-invigorating the structure and function of the neighborhood association, to better serve Radcliffeborough community; increase the number of neighborhood social gatherings(suggested three—spring, early fall, Christmas; grow active membership for the association;
step up the petition to the city to make Coming and Rutledge two-way streets; establish an even stronger working relationship with the College, especially concerning maintenance and stewardship of property,
including CofC’s own property.

A slate of candidates for officers for 2008 was presented:
President: Robert Russell
Vice-president: Jean Arnold
Treasurer: Harry Fendrich
Secretary: Dan Lesesne
Additional nominations were called for from the floor. Seeing there were none, the president called for a motion that the slate be accepted. A motion was made and was seconded, and the motion carried

Discussion followed the president’s suggestion to streamline the existing committee system,
which would entail changing the by-laws. Following much constructive conversation, the following changes were made in the re-structure, by motion and second, followed by acclamation:

Security, environment, maintenance, etc. would fall under a Livability Committee. Two college reps, Liz Gross, and Trey would be members of this committee.

Planning would become Design, Development, and Presentation and would continue to oversee Planning and Zoning issues.

Membership and Program would be combined into a Planning and Program Committee.

Some discussion followed, to create a formal separate committee, a “College Committee”, to become an advocacy voice for students in the neighborhood(helping students with landlord problems, etc.). No decision made here.

The president called for volunteers to chair the three committees. Robert Russell pointed out that, according to the by-laws, any changes to the by-laws must be advertised for at least ten days before they can be voted on. Accordingly, the committee change proposals, with new chairs, will be, as of
this meeting, be set up on an ad hoc basis, and will be presented for formal approval at the March meeting. Bart Yancey volunteered to chair the Livability Committee and Robert Ballard the Design and Development Committee. No volunteer came forth to chair the Membership and Program Committee,
and it will be brought up at the March meeting which was set for the 13th, venue to be determined.

A call for any further business, new or old, was made. There being none, a motion for adjournment was called for, was duly received and seconded, adopted by acclamation, and the meeting was adjourned.

Posted by radcliffe on 03/23/2008
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