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I'm all for this ban. For one, I hate the noise and the other, I've seen people get hurt that were careless. This stuff needs to be left alone with the professionals. Do your part and contact the legislators and make your voice known.

By NoFireworks
Get a life!

Is there nothing better for you to worry about? Think about homeless people who die on our streets. Think about foster children bounced from home to home. Instead you want to ruin people's fun because it's noisy two days a year. What a fantastic waste of time

By Firework Lover

Fireworks are stupid. They frighten animals, dogs cats horses, etc. Also they frighten children and some elderly. Who wants to have to go out and clean up that crap out of the yard when bottle rockets blast over from other yards? Also, it is dry. What about fires? Grass Fires? Fires on roof tops or inniting dry debris in gutters? It is ridiculous. And for what?

What does fireworks have to do with homeless people and children?  Fact is, explosive firewworks are illegal for good reason.  They are extrememly dangerous to pets, people (including foster children), property, and wildlife.  They are also disruptive to those who wish to celebrate our freedom peacefully.  No one is stopping you from attending the LEGAL public displays of "fun" offered in counties all across the state.  If you truly care about people and wish to show your support of our freedom, you should fly an American flag in your yard and consider donating money to help those homeless people you mention -- or make a donation to a charitable org that helps US veterans, instead of wasiting it on illegal noisemakers.  And let us not forget the fact that police phone lines are jammed with noise complaints around July 4th and December 31st, causing major delays/problems in urgent response times, where seconds often literally mean the difference of (human) life and death.  So please don't imply that those of us who want the illegal explosive firework loopholes closed, don't care about people bc that could not be be farther from the truth.  Fact is, it's people who support explosive fireworks in our neighborhoods who are putting lives in danger... and all for the sake of  a little"fun" that could just as well be had at a safe, contained, LEGAL public firework display.  

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