Trees Quickly Disappearing

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You know that feeling when you are driving on Roma between 3rd Avenue and 7th Avenue?  Not sure what that feeling is, but you see the big trees encrouching onto the street, you feel nature and neighborhood are one. Then there is the opposite feeling you get driving behind the George & Dragon, next to that barron big lot.


I live over on 2nd Drive in the middle culde-sac.  Putting up holiday lights in our tree out front I noticed yet another neighbor was killing off their tree.  Probably from not watering it. I wrote him a note to please water it.  Next thing I knew they had it cut down!


This has got to be the fifth tree killed since we moved in back in 2001.


Don't they know if these trees die, so does part of their property value. and their electric bills have got to skyrocket in the summer without that shade. 


The only reason I moved into THIS culde sac and not the Valerie or 2nd Avenue culde sacs is because this one WAS greener. 


So please neighbors... water your trees or plant new trees. 





I hope it wasn't MY tree that you are posting about..  I had to have it removed because it was dying, not because it wasn't being watered...  The pine tree was in three major trunks and one of them turned dead-brown in a matter of short weeks, so I had an aborist come and assess it and he said there was no way to save it.  We had the dying arm removed, then the rest of the tree started to turn. We were afraid that if we left such a tall tree standing, that one of the heavy storms we had during the monsoon season would be a liability to a nearby house or person!


We're right on 2nd Dr, at the North end of the street...



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