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Steve and Jeannine Frick,
I recenly received your letter to our community. I read it in amazement!! I couldn't believe that you didn't know your buyer had no intention of making 'Monterey Estates his home'. Instead, he intended to create a profit making business that the community clearly told him was unacceptable. I find it hard to believe that you didn't know of his deceitfulness and defiance of the communities wishes regarding his venture. I don't personally know you and do not want to judge your character. However, your actions in leaving this community were at best thoughtless and self-serving. Your decision to sell your home in a residential community to a person who wanted to start a business was reprehensible. It created distress for your neighbors and turmoil for the neighborhhod you called ''wonderful'. You have alot of nerve presenting yourselves as victims when your decision created such pain and conflict. It's a bit like ''the pot calling the kettle black''.

I, also, find it unfortunate that these will be the last memories of your time in this community. However, you created them.
Art Kantor
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