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Looks like no one's posted. So, I'll go first...
I attended the Assoc. meeting, and was glad to see others who want to help keep the community safe and well for all of us.I would like to communicate with more of our neighbors -more often. For those with computers, this seems like a good idea. But, I'd also like to have more neighborhood gatherings. Maybe we could meet at a nearby park for informal talks about issues and concerns(?) I'LL BET YOU HAVE SOME! I DO! So, let's help each other -just like they do in those snootier neighborhoods. We're easily as good as they are!

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I'd LOVE to be more involved with our community, specifically our little neck of the woods, but work in the evenings.  This has kept me from attending any of the civic association meetings, block watch things, etc. ... and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 


One of the more social activities that I'm itching to get started is a garden club (just like in the snootier neighborhoods, lol!).  Not necessarily a "Look at my house" club, but more of a "Hey, I have a few daffodil clumps that need thinned, would you like some bulbs?"  Make sense?  I assume that most of the home owners in Willis Park are in a similar financial situation as I am, and would TOTALLY benefit from plant sharing, growing food at home, and getting to know their neighbors. 


If there is interest, a garden club can be started any time...and there doesn't have to be just one.  There could be one that specializes in flowers & landscaping and a separate group that focuses on fruits & veggies.  It's all good!


Anyone who does go to the meetings is welcome to share my contact info about creating a garden club.  OR if there already IS one, please - someone tell me!  Thanks!


Stephanie Mills


I was pleased to see as many people there as for this initial meeting. Being a part of the grant writing team for "Beaumont Association" we were hoping to get a sample of are diverse ethnic community. I'm excited to get to know more of my neighbors, participting in casual events and growing a safe community we all can be proud to call home. I live on the outer edge of this area, Ferris/Walford, and am willing to do whatever I can  to creat a cohesive and safe enviroment. I hope to see some other people with different cultures. Sorry I had to leave as soon as meeting was done but had an other engagment, I really wanted to get to know everyone there. Please be there next month on the 22nd and I will find time.  Love the idea of community yard sale!!



email: jim_my824@att.netLaughing

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