Warnings for parking on the street, but the driveway is full

Posted in: Houston Acres

We keep getting warnings for a car parked on the street, but our driveway is full. Is anybody else dealing with this?  Also if we have two drivers leaving in the morning and one leaves the driveway we almost immediately will be warned for the other car. This is before 7 am. This rule has caused, and is causing extreme hardship for our family because we are constantly having to move cars around.

I have not had any problems with this yet.  I have noticed peoples definition of a "full driveway" is different.  I am fortunate to have a double driveway and can park 8 cars back to back, side to side including 2 in my garage.  So I don't really have any problems.  Some people don't get the most out of their driveway before they consider it full, but hey that's not up to me.  I have noticed how dangerous it is, for one house in particular.  Right when you pull into the neighborhood at Houston Acres.  There ALWAYS seems to be cars parked out from and half in the grass etc.  This seems to be the worst place of all to have cars on the street, with people trying to pull out onto a 45mph road and pulling off of a 45mph road.   

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