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I think it is time to dismantle this civic association. They don't get the people that put trash out a day or two after heavy trash comes and it is the same people doing it month after month, mayb these that put the trash out a friends of someone on the civic association. Still not sure what they do with the money that is collected every year.
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I agree with you on the trash and it is all through this subdivision.  Got some on Astoria Blvd who put it out when ever they get ready.  It appears the clowns that run this mafia do not live here and that association that goes through and writes up people does not have a clue on what they are doing nor do they read these remarks.  There have been a green van on Astoria that has been sitting there for almost a year and does not look like it has moved.

I would like also to provide commentary if I may. Would you have any clue as to the structure of your organization? HOA or Civic Club with board members/officers. Their is quite a difference. Civic Clubs are comprised of people whom actually live in the neighborhood, and could be your next door neighbor, whom you may share anything from a cold drink of water to conversation under the shade tree. Basically the civic club is no stronger than the people such as yourself, whom attend meetings regularly, not once a year. I see that you are one of those whom put out fliers, stake signs, attend meetings, go to City Hall, talk to/ call in violators, recruit volunteers, pay dues regularly...etc. It is as simple as a phone call (311). You can hide inside of your 4 walls and not even be seen doing it, no one willl know; Or you can hire a management service (HOA-Homeowners Association) and pay large dues and shut upCry 

I agree about people putting their trash out early, and/or right after pick up.  It looks tacky and since I walk, there is no telling what could jump out at me.

My other complaint is this.  I live on White Plains Road off Fairbury.  There is one house that continues to leave his car in the front yard.  Not on the driveway or in the street, but in the yard.  This looks so tacky and I believe reduces the value of your home that is located on the same street.  I did go up to the house, knocked on the door, and asked that they please not park the car in the front yard.  I said that it reduces the price of the homes on this street and that it looks tacky.  All this man did was stare at me, and so I said that I would call his wife's real estate company if they did not do this.  Well, on my way back from my walk, she approaches me and things get heated up.  She said I threatened her husband.  I didn't, I stated a fact.  Then she proceeds to tell me that I am not a real estate agent and so I don't know how this would or would not affect the price of my home.  Well, I could not get this woman to listen to me so I got loud and even said a few cuse words.  It doesn't matter, she told her husband to continue with leaving his car in the front yard to spite me.  The neighbor next door to them had to tell him to quit driving his car over her yard,  I don't think he quit.  What does everyone else think of this?  I am sure the association won't do anything because she told me to call them and complain.

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