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Dating Fabrics - A Color Guide 1800 - 1960, Eileen Jahnke Trestain

This guidebook is broken into six different time periods. For each time period the author gives a brief history of what is going on, describes the textile colors, fabric print styles and quilt styles in use during that time. She also has pictures of many fabrics from that period.

Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! - The Complete Guide To Quiltmaking, Diana McClun and Laura Nownes

This is a very good basic book about how to make quilts. It includes patterns that beginning quilt makers can complete successfully, as well as designs an experienced quilt maker will enjoy working with. There are popular and traditional patterns - and all the instructions for the techniques required to make them.

Quilting Curves - An Innovative Technique for Machine-Piecing Curves with Incredible Ease, Vikki Pignatelli

This book introduces a surprisingly simple technique that allows you to create wonderful curved-line designs that sweep gracefully across your quilts. Working entirely by machine, you can stitch beautiful, smooth curves - without the painstaking precision that conventional piecing requires. You can even use the same simple method to create perfect points, with no bulky seams or mismatched tips.

Patchwork Patterns - A revolutionary, simple way to create original and traditional patchwork patterns, Jinny Beyer

In this book the author describes her method which can be used to copy, adapt, reduce, enlarge or create any geometric pattern, including rectangles and ovals.

Heirloom Machine Quilting - A Comprehensive Guide to Hand-Quilted Effects Using Your Sewing Machine, Harriet Hargrave

This book covers the basics of machine quilting and answers many of the questions raised by beginning machine quilters.

Straight Stitch Machine Applique - History, Patterns & Instructions for This Easy Technique, Letty Martin

The author introduces readers to the use of straight stitch machine applique in quilts of the past, and then provides excellent instruction for using it in today’s quilts. Full-size patterns and instructions for 10 traditional-style quilts are included, along with photos of these quilts and others.

Classic Patchwork & Quilting, Margit Echols

This book showcases quilt designs developed by fabric artist and quilter Margit Echols. There’s something for those who don’t have much time or experience and for those who wish to stretch a bit and tackle something challenging. Some projects are quick and easy, others will provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Traditional Patchwork Patterns - Full-Size Cut-outs and Instructions for 12 Quilts, Carol Belanger Grafton

The twelve patchwork patterns in this book represent some of the best-loved traditional designs. Most have been selected to provide a good introduction to patchwork quilt making, but a few offer stimulating challenges to more experienced workers. The patterns are; Ribbon Border, Cut Glass Dish, Pineapple, Cube Work, Rocky Glen, Tree of Paradise, Starlight, Double Irish Chain, Bleeding Heart, Barrister’s Block, Buttercup and Interlaced Blocks.

Nostalgia Patchwork & Quilting, Robby Savonen

Though the quilts shown are vintage 20s and 30s, the designs are timeless. Beautiful and practical in their era, they may surprise you with their longevity. Most of the projects in this book are actual old quilts or have been made from parts of old quilts or textiles.

Quilting & Patchwork, the Editors of Sunset Books

A book that contains patchwork patterns for making things such as an Ohio Star tote bag, a Little Schoolhouse pillow and a quilted Tea Towel.

Scrap Patchwork & Quilting, Marti Michell

This inviting collection of patchwork and applique scrap quilts is both nostalgic and new. Many of the patterns are classics, yet, reinterpreted in a personal selection of fabrics, seem completely contemporary. Each patchwork block and quilt will evoke special memories associated with the “scrap” fabrics used.

Creative Triangles For Quilters, Janet B. Elwin

Instead of using squares and rectangles in pieced patterns, Janet Elwin had developed an easy yet complicated-looking way to use 60 degree triangles in traditional designs. First you will learn how to draft and piece the basic triangle quilts in rows. Then you will explore how to translate traditional motifs like trees, flowers, fans and baskets into stunning quilts made of simple triangles.

Patchwork Gems - Quilts Made Easy, Oxmoor House

In this patchwork treasure chest you’ll find rings, diamonds, charms, stained glass, and more. There are quilts for everyone from the beginning quilter to those looking for a challenge.

Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel, Oxmoor House

Lap quilting is the technique of joining three layers - a decorative top, batting and backing - together in small, block-sized sections that are then connected to form the entire quilt.

More Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel, Oxmoor House

This book contains new designs, and more techniques and shortcuts for doing lap quilting. It is a continuation of Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel.

Catch a Falling Star - a Collection of Whimsical and Traditional Quilts, Susan Parr

This book has patterns for several quilts containing stars.

America’s Favorite Quilts - How to make 26 of our country’s most popular patchwork and applique quilts, Leslie Linsley

This book includes explicit step-by-step directions for duplicating 26 early quilts (Log Cabin, Drunkard’s Path, Star of Bethlehem and Le Moyne Star) along with full-size patterns for making templates, aids to piecing diagrams; background and border quilt patterns; lists of materials needed; information on making adjustments for different be sizes, as well as large photographs of each quilt.

Two For Your Money - Make a Quilt with Scraps, Make Another, Jo Parrott

This book shows how, with a little preparation and planning, you can make scraps or “cutaways” from one quilt into another quilt, or maybe into a border for the original quilt.

Traditional American Crafts - Colonial, Country, Victorian, Better Homes & Gardens

This book contains the best of traditional and country crfts and needlework, displayed in country inns and historic homes.

Nature’s Patterns - Inspirations and Techniques for Quilt Makers, Joyce R Becker

This book bring together original creations by 23 renowned quilters who share the ideas and the patterns behind their best works. These quilts reflect the beauty, the energy and the endless variety of nature.

Beyond the Horizon - Small Landscape Applique, Valerie Hearder

The author introduces you to her unique method of creating miniature fabric landscapes with a “cut and collage” approach that combines hand applique and fusible applique techniques with stamping, embroidery and beading embellishments.

Rx for Quilters - Stitcher-Friendly Advice for Every Body, Susan Delaney Mech, M.D.

This book shows you how to care for your body so you can have a comfortable and injury-free quilting life.

Continuous Line Quilting Designs, Pat Cody

Patches of Time, Linda Halpin

Tips for Quilters, Rachel T. Pellman

Twelve Golden Threads, Aliske Webb

A Few of Our Favorite Things, Sharlene Jorgenson

Affordable Heirlooms, Powers/Kriegel

American Patchwork Quilting, Better Homes & Garden

America's Glorious Quilts, Denis Duke & Deb Harding

Applique, Better Homes & Gardens

Aunt Grace's Scrapbag, 5th Anniversary, Judie Rothermel

Best Tips for Quick Country Quilting, Debbie Munn

Connecting Up, Mary Ellen Hopkins

Creative Stitching, Various

Easy Does It Quilts, Bonesteel

Everyday Embellishments, M'Liss Rae Hawley

Grandma's Quilting Bee, Oxmoor House

Mariner's Compass Quilts, New Directions, Judy Mathieson

Patchwork Project, Better Homes & Gardens

Quilting for People who Don't Have Time, Marti Michell

Rotary Cutting Basics & Beyond, Vivian Ritter

Simple Thread Painting, Nancy Prince

Simply Seminole, Techniques & Designs, Dorothy Hanisko

The Best in Contemporary Quilts, Quilt National 1999

The Quilter's Ultimate Visual Guide, Ellen Pahl

Video Media

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting (400 Series)

World Quilt Show 2005


The Perfect Patchwork Primer, Beth Cutcheon

This book contains the basic terms and techniques for patchwork quilt making. It contains drawings of hundreds of pieced blocks.
Irish Patchwork Society Newsletter - Spring 2004

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