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I have heard that our ''interim'' HOA board whom I thought was merely in place for the transition, has taken it upon themselves to implement an idea that will effect each of us, and is costly at that. I am disappointed that these ''elected'' board members with so much prior experience they have touted, have decided to use OUR MONEY without our permission and put stop signs everywhere. I have reviewed our 2006 budget and do not see this expense approved anywhere and if this goes forward, we will not be off to an honest start here with our board of directors in Kenmure. Not everyone in the neighborhood agrees we need these stop signs and let's take note, only the honest drivers will stop anyway. Use the money to fix our landscaping out front or put a bike rack, another pavillion or electricity at the park. These are things we NEED. I know it was an ''idea'' thrown out there by a concerned parent, but didn't realize the decision was final. Board members, if you are reading this, let's not start in this manner. We should do it the right way, discuss it at the general meeting, get suggestions, talk about cost, and VOTE ON IT. You should be spending your time getting the bylaws and guidelines in order (doing transitional tasks) and getting on top of the homeowners who have violations instead of making a quick decision (while your in office - for now) without your neighbors' consent. This task must be postponed until after the general meeting, when all of the neighbors are able to take part in this decision. Neighbors - what do you think about this????

You are absolutely right.

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