Pink Bunny Statue

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From the one EVIL owner in Lake Como neighborhood,


WOW there is nothing like being ostracized and ridiculed in your neighborhood.  I will be contacting Orlando Weekly to run the full story of this bunny statue, and wonder why they did not attempt to contact me when they chose to run Comm Sheehan's story.


This started with my inquiry to other residents on this web-site.  I asked for everyone to be respectful - and they were until now.  Some residents loved the statue and I heard from others that did not want any statue.  They posted on the site so that can be verified.  A resident suggested that I contact the association president, Dennis Jenkins.  I expressed my views to Dennis, that the statue is in constant view of my home and that I continue to get negative remarks from friends, realtors, and my own mother (who does not live with me).  I asked if bushes could be installed to make the statue less conspicuous or if the statue could be moved to a more suitable location.  The response from Dennis was that he had nothing to do with the statue in any way and that I should contact Comm Sheehan. 


I relayed the same information to Comm Sheehan and offered to contribute funds and/or raise funds to do something more suitable with the statue.    I also asked Sheehan what were the rules about installing statues in the park.  She assured me that she followed all the rules and then had an assistant respond to Sheehan with the rules, which she then forwarded to me.  The email stated that the statue was classified as a "small monument" and that the city would not revisit the matter for 5 years.  I have these emails and they will be given to the Orlando Weekly.


I also found the rules on-line and read that a small monument is "limited to a plaque, park bench, and tree plantings.  All other memorials regardless of cost are considered Large monuments."  There are very extensive rules to follow for Large monuments.  I sent this to Comm Sheehan and she strongly disagreed and sent a very nasty response about me and this community.  Sheehan wrote " I will be moving the memorial to a neighborhood that embraces diversity, inclusion, and the spirit of a dedicated public servant."  WOW - it's my way or the highway with Ms. Diversity Sheehan!  Your bunny statue is being moved because Sheehan did not wish to consider any other alternative.  I believe she became angry because she was caught in a lie about the statue rules.  I was surprised that the rules do actually make sense to keep intrusive statues out of our natural parks.


After Sheehan's blow-up, I then received an email from Dennis that basically said that I was being selfish and not thinking of the community.  Some residents have made a ceremony of "saving the bunny" and invites only those who agree to sign the poster board.  Again, I will verify all this to the Orlando Weekly if they care to investigate more than just Sheehans comments.  The lesson here is, do not dare share an alternative view in this community or else you will be labled as "one mean resident and an asshole."  So much for our diverse commissioner and community. 



I have had a similar experience with her. She does not want to help residents, only push her own agenda. Either the rabbit, painting ugly cats, or making everything a rainbow in this city. I have nothing against anyone or diversity, but she needs to be replaced with someone who works for the ENTIRE community she is supposed to represent and not just her own.


Bravo to you for finding the small vs. large monument rules and exposing the truth that they were doing this simply because they wanted to, not because they had any right to.

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