Has Your Car Been Towed?

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Parking is a problem at Stonebridge and must be enforced. But giving a fly-by-night wrecker company carte blanche to tow cars seems a bit much. Did you know that towing fees are $100 plus a minimum of $20 a day storage for every day it's there?
Have you had your car towed?

Let us hear your comments.
RE: Towing

I have had a notice on my car to be towed. It was understandable as it was inoperable at the timeand sat for some time. However I paid close attention to my car and caught it the day the note was put on and let HOA know that I was indeed someone who lived here and it wasn't abandoned.

I have had cars towed (3 to be exact) out of my spot. There were numerous times that I haven't done anything when someone has parked in my spot.

I think that if you live here or you visit, unless you've lived under a rock all of your life you can plainly see the numbers on the spaces. you know if that is your number.......and if it isn't.

why should I have to lug a ton of shopping and two children across a parking lot or do the same as I get off of work at an ungodly hour? I pay plenty for that spot to be available to me or my fiancee when we get home after a long day, or a trip to get an ice cream cone!

I have heard of people complaining about towing but they were either unaware of their spot and chose to pick their own or had expired tags, both with are clearly against the rules of our HOA.

I had my car towed because I put my sticker in the back left window where it was completely visible.  I was told it was towed because it should have been in the front left window.  I never received a warning about it.  One morning I came out to go to work and my car was gone.  I asked the security guard why he didn't leave a warning like other cars I've seen.  He couldn't give me a straight up answer.  I think it was ridiculous to have my car towed for this reason especially when I see other people all the time with their stickers in the wrong spot and they don't get towed.  It was unfair and uncalled for and the company that does the towing has multiple lawsuits against them for illegal towing downtown.  It's a bad company to do business with and it shows the quality of HOA members that they want to do business with that kind of company.

Yes, parked in my driveway!
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