Will Homes Be Painted in '04?

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I haven't seen a newsletter from our board members in a while, and I'm wondering if our houses are scheduled to be painted this year. September will mark my 5th year as a VOS homeowner, and I was told our houses would be painted during your fifth year of living in VOS. Any news would be helpful. I'm planning to put my house up for sale in '05....nobody will want to buy a house that is in dire need of a new paint job. Thanks!

Its the year 2005 and no word on the paint issue. What a great association. hahaha

By Five year owner

I am considering moving there as a permanent residence, so I am doing my homework! Am I seeing this correctly that there are only 5 people participating in this Internet site? Or is this not for the residents in general?

I was wondering about all the issues I have read here..House Painting, lawn mowing, upkeep, and all the residents in arrears for dues. I can't believe they are all that ignorant about the HOA.  The buildings need to be painted. The lawns need to be mowed regularly. Don't they know repairs to a dead or overgrown yard and the pests that come with it, and molding wet cement from unsealed concrete walls in this rainy climate will be far more costly than regular maintenance ever will? Consistency is order and order is nice to look at. The neighborhoods looked ok as I drove through them, but when I returned to drive at night to see how it was, the number of cars on the streets on both sides seemed to me to be a fire hazard if the large fire trucks ever needed to get through, or even emergency rescue vehicles. It was like negotiating a alley to drive down the streets. What made no sense was that the driveways seemed empty. Cars on the sides of the road risk being hit by passing vehicles as well.

How is the Internet service there? High Speed Cable available I assume. Time

Warner Cable? How is the electricity reliability? Does it go out with every storm? I'm asking because I'm disabled, I really don't like to move and want this to be my last home I move to. Safety and reliability are paramount. So is the exteior maintenance. My medical equipment relies on electricity to operate, and I rely on the Internet for all my activity just about.

Hopefully the news about the foreclosure sale for arrears dues will spread and the rest of them will catch up. if not let me know when the next sale is  LOL 'd love to own there for 2500.00

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