Oquirrh Park

Police action last night

Posted in: Oquirrh Park

Last night police took action on some people living in a house located on Pine Shadow Rd. A lot of armed police officers broke into the house around 1:00am and searched everywhere includes garbage cans, cars...... The investigation continued until arond 4:00am.

The house is a rental unit, it is really uncomfortable when a nice neighborhood has more and more rental units, espacially if the renters are involved crime. Does our government have any regulations on rental units? Can our HOA do something to effectively control increased rental units? 

I am a renter and a very responsible one too. I am getting tired of feeling like an outcast because Ido rent. It is not just us renters that cause problems. Just because someone does not own the house in which they live in does not mean that we don't care about the community that we live in. My family and I fell in love with this neighborhood and liked the fact that it was safe and friendly and all the things I am sure everyone else loved. Do not judge all, by the actions of few. It would be nice to be included in meetings and notifications and such. Sometimes our landlord do not inform us.

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