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Anything we can do about this?

Lone Oaks Parke? Are these covenants and restrictions related to Hunter's Place Addition in OKC? Please advise....

I believe the building you are all referring to belongs to my husband (sorry, it was there before I married him :-( ) but I wanted to address your 'concerns' here and also assure you that a tear-down and remodel is in the near future. As far as it being 'clearly visible' - if you were to visit our yard, you would quickly realize that ANY storage building we place in that particular place of the back yard is going to be visible because our yard is on a slope, beginning from the porch on a hill and declining to the back fence. The sheer nature of it being on a hill makes ANY storage building we place there visible from all directions. While it is the most level area of the yard, this is where a building would HAVE to be placed in order to not lean, and thus is the location of our next building as well. Sorry, but because of the slope of our yard, any building we place is going to be quite visible. I do, however, understand that this particular building needs to be replaced, and as previously stated, will be done after the first of the year.


No, it isn't a work shop, just a storage shed. Perhaps you should not make assumptions or speak of things you do not know as fact. As already posted, we will be replacing the unit after the first of the year, and because of the slope of our yard, the roof wil be visible from any direction no matter the heighth of the particular building because this is the most level place in our yard, and happens to be on a hill.

Hey, calm down.  This forum is for LONE OAK PARK.  No one here was talking about a shed in Hunters Ridge.

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