Olde Cotswold Neighborhood Organization (OCNO)

Dog ''Bathroom'' Etiquette

Posted in: OCNO
A recent article in the Charlotte Observer cited a neighborhood in which a home owner relocated because her two dogs urinated on neighbors lawns in violation of a home owners?’ agreement. While no such agreement exists in Olde Cotswold, I have heard a lot of informal discussion about ''dog walking etiquette'' - mainly about dogs defecating on neighbor?’s lawns. Some people carry bags or scoops and tidy up after their dogs. But there is plenty of evidence that many other dog owners do not.

Is there a friendly way that Olde Cotswold could encourage people to be more courteous about this annoyance?
''Clean up'' Sign

Has anyone noticed the sign at the corner of Andover and Woodlark? The sign is shaped like a dog and asks that you clean up after your dog. I'm not suggesting everyone put a sign in their yard but it is attention getting.
Pet owners that walk their pooch

I see many dog owners being responsible about walking their pets, but on two different occasions I have seen people allowing their dogs to defecate in my yard. If you do not have the decency to pick up after your dog, then maybe you should not walk your dog in the neighborhood.
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