Barking dogs and their ignorant owners

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It amazes me how so many dog owners always seem to think that they are above or exempt by the law or that that there are laws extra for them that govern and cover their ignorant behavior. In my opinion they all exhibit a socipathic behavior.


After years of fighting and dragging those menial and inane minds to court I finally manged to get a somewhat improved quiet and decent neighborhood with much less "locked out in backyard" barking.


But to no avail. Since a few weeks, one of those nutjobs sees to have gotten a new dog. It appears to be in the backyard of 1460 Louisiana St. in what looks from the street like a large kennel; a framed chickenwire covered fully enclosed large box.


Every morning currently at around 5:30am the dog strarts barking for hours on end. It is an evidently distressed freaked out bark/whince/yelp from a dog typically under high anxiety and stress of some kind.


Their new "outdoor" dog barks constantly in the mornings. Periodically it stops because it is exhausted which one can hear by his bark. After a 10 to 15 minute break it begins again.


This is an abusive treatment of an animal let alone a nuisance to the neihgbors and has to stop!


Trouble is I can not see the dog and the lame ass laissez faire dog barking owner friendly regulations of Vallejo as well as their "Animal Control" Services will only react if I can describe the animal, keep a log for 14 days and have three witnesses.... (A way of saying "don't bother us, we are dog owners")


I have audio recordings with time stamp but no images.


What to do? Get a drone and film all? Maybe so!


If the owner's argument is that the dog is to protect the property then I must laugh. In the backyard in a kennel?

Have you tried calling the police? They can at least knock on the door, speak to the owner, and be your witness.


I would also suggest consulting an attorney to abate this Nuisance and Noise. I know it costs money but no less than your time and peace of mind are worth.


Hardheaded and willfully ignorant neighbors require a heavy hammer.

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