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we need a playground/play area in the town house complex.  any suggestions on how to convince the HOA board to install one? that big grassy area near the tennis court would be a great place....................

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Being on the board, I will answer this for you.  The association, thanks to many residents who owe quite abit in dues, does not have the money it would take to install a playground. The cost would be in the thousands, not to mention the upkeep and maintenance.  Then there's the issue of a huge increase to the association's insurance premiums.  We are just now getting the cost of our premiums to where they should be due to having to pay to rebuild a unit that burned a few years ago. Being a renter, these costs are not passed on to you in the way of monthly dues. As a homeowner, I am not in favor of adding such an amenity, mainly due to the risk factor with the insurance should any child be injured.  From what I have seen of most of the parents who live here, most would not come to the play area to supervise their children, then when something happens, would want to sue us, because obviously it would be our fault that they are guilty of child neglect and lack of supervision.  Most of the kids in here would only find a playground just another thing to grafitti or destroy. That's my take on it. Have you walked over lately to see what the kids have done to the sport court? Every time a new basketball hoop is installed, within days they tear the net and bend the rim. 

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