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The city of Fontana is flooded with citizens who illegally harass and spy on innocent citizens. They get paid, vacations, cars, or other forms of compensation to harass an innocent citizen. Some people are intimidated into participating in harassing the target. These "spies" or perpetraitors (intentionally misspelled) identify by colors and communicate through signals. Many of them drive with DARK tinted windows. Watch out for an influx of red or burgandy cars with tinted windows and with their lights on. There maybe a targeted individual in the area. Web search targeted individual and organized stalking. These spies also use directed energy weapons (google it) to electronically harass the TI. Please educate yourself on the subject.

I've been under illegal survelliance (some call it gang-stalking) for 3 years and live in Kirkland, WA. They use what I've read is DEW tech utilizing celll towers, possibly satellite and automated utility meters in homes (and computer hacking) to quietly speak to me and watch me and what ever is on my computer. It was new to me but aparently this is happening to a lot of people. What they say is a never ending barage of hate speech, insults, etc. Sounds annoying but hour after hour, day after day it's much worse, i.e. depression, hopelessness, etc.


Can you recommend anything I can do about this?




Mike Wallace

Kirkland, WA

425 381-9635

As far as, the Gangstalking or aka Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) harassment is concerned (as difficult as it is) you MUST not have a reaction to the very annoying, disruptive, upsetting & evil tactics they deploy...if you do, then they will most assuredly keep doing it. That's what they get paid for & it breaks up the monotony for them. Tactics such as: coughing in your face, bumping into you with obvious intent or to your friend or relative you are out with, cutting in front of you in line at a is obvious this is not some oblivious person (note-they will use foreigners, children & older women for this, too), standing too close to you out in public or reaching to grab something on a shelf so, they get way too close...anything otherwise, to invade your space. A person may walk by you with a cell phone...and start describing your bedroom in detail and the color of sheets on you bed...and you think to yourself "that's weird" the context of one event obviously, it would mean nothing but in the obvious pattern of this it does mean something. Or, every time you walk out of your home (day or night) the neighbor diagonally across the street starts up a buzz saw...well, that would be quite a coincidence. Pennies by your vehicle (with a frequency that implies something more than you've become lucky every time you go to your car)...however, most often I pick them up and use them. The list goes on and on. The more serious stuff like running me off the road, causing wrecks...that definitely gets them a police report which is evidence in my arsenal. That's how I view it. Never mention Gangstalking to an officer coming to take the report...stick to the facts of what just happened. GET YOURSELF A VIDEO CAMERA & A BODY CAMERA!!! Have these cameras rolling all the time. This will back them to YOUTUBE. Do research on things like: above mentioned Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), Problem Oriented Policing (POP), Community Prosecution/Community Prosecutors. Mostly, this is state level investigations using Federal (taxpayer/corporate) out of State Attorney General's Offices in every state. They utilize State Fusion Centers and definitely the FBI is involved. If you go into any of these entities without "definitive proof" of what is being done to you, you are likely to be insulted repeatedly and escorted out literally...that is, if you even get in to speak to someone. Often this is nothing more than a personal break up with someone, leave a marriage and the ex has sour grapes, you offended someone in power or otherwise, the wrong person with the right connections or someone is envious of you and what you have so, they decide to call your name into a TIPS program or their State Fusion Center and have themselves a little revenge. AM I KIDDING, no I'm not. Shield Get bolt locks for all but one door/entrance and install cameras that record to the cloud or other location so, if someone comes in your home illegally you will have "definitive proof". There are lower cost or used cameras. If possible, keep notes, days/times/vehicle info especially license plate #s. This can only come in handy in the future. TO ALL OUT THERE...DO NOT GIVE UP, YOU ARE VERY VALUABLE & NEEDED. THIS NOT YOUR FAULT. HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH. HELP IS ON THE WAY...TOO MANY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. IT WILL BE STOPPED. EAT AS WELL AS YOU CAN & EXERCISE. RECORD THEM DOING THEIR CRIMES. VIEW YOUR CAMERA LIKE A GUN & SHOOT THEM. HOWEVER, DO NOT RESORT TO ACTUAL VIOLENCE...TAKE THE HIGHER GROUND THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS NOT YOU. RECORD THEM ON VIDEO UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR "DEFINITIVE PROOF".

they dont confront me in person. Years ago they'd drive by and yell non-sense but I never really gave a shit about that. Never face to face unless they have a girl walk by with something written on her shirt directly relatedly to me. The guys stay away from me. Kirkland police admitted in person they know them but denied it in email. It used to be all the time but a few months ago they changed to only if I do meth/speed/crank which is not often. Now they all of a sudden act like that's what it was about all along. Also bizarrely sexual in their torment of me. They use a weird kind of hypnosis thing to in their "hearing voices" thing. It doesn't really work any more but used to. It's more of an irritating distraction now but nothing like before. If I'm interested in just anything else I don't even notice now. They've done it too long. I guess I've built a tolerance.


Thanks for the response to who did. Hopefully you are legit and not one of them.

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