Edison's horrible decision

Posted in: NW Torrance

Edison is allowing their tree trimming contractor to move in the area at the corner of 178th ST and Glenburn Ave. They will have eighteen diesel trucks and intend to fire them up at 6:30 in the morning during the week.  With the noise and polution, this is a very bad idea. They will have to drive back and forth down Glenburn Ave every day they work--this is the route a lot of kids take to school.  I also believe that Glenburn is not capable of handling the constant heavy truck weight, so it will deteriorate.  Another major item is the reduction in value of the houses near the depot-- I would certainly not buy a house nea a diesel yard! Perhaps the NW Torrance Home Owners Ass. can have some input into this, and convince Edison that it is a bad idea.


I agree that this should not be in such a heavily populated residential neighborhood. What were they thinking? I just bought my home at 17714 Falda in October last year. I paid more than the average home for this area because of the upgrades it has. How is this home plus the other homes supposed to keep their value? Also, never mind the air quality and dangerous aspect of this. We need to sign a petition and get this to the city and to Edison. Please help!!


Edison has decided that, with the amount of calls they have gotten from the neighborhood, they will not allow the use of the land by the contractor.  Thank you for your response.

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