Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

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Hey All,

My name is Kelly Digby and I live on Annandale Drive, I am the new Chairman for the Neighborhood Watch. As discussed at the meeting we need to become involved in our community and form a community of caring individuals that watches out for one another. Although you may not "like" you neighbor or see eye to eye with each and everyone who lives here, it behooves each of us to work together to protect as one neighbor said "our property values and the value of our neighborhood." I couldn't have said it better myself. Our safety and the safety of our neighbors is dependant on each of us doing our part in making sure that we are aware of all times about what is happening around us.

If you see a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood, call someone.

If you get a person who is soliciting at your door (which is prohibited by our covenant) call a representative of the board.

It is up to EACH one of us to protect our neighborhood, we have all put alot into our homes (money, blood, sweat and tears) and we are responsible to make sure that our neighborhood is kept safe.

I am asking anyone who is interested in becoming a street captain to please leave a message here or email me at

As a street captain you will be responsible to attend monthly  meetings with the Neighborhood watch committee and keep your street involved and informed about anything that is happening. I am hoping to get a monthly newsletter emailed to all residents (for that I will need each one interested to get me your email address) as well as putting together an immediate action tree that will enable me to send out to all who are interested a text or email letting you know of things that are happening in the neighborhood that everyone needs to be aware of.

One I will mention here as an example:

A neighbor at the annual HOA meeting told us that a white van was seen driving around the neighborhood, it stopped at his home and they rang the doorbell. His teen-aged daughter was home and answered the door. They informed her they were there to "clean the carpets", not this quick thinking young lady said to the men at the door, "let me call my dad and ask him about this." As she was calling her father, they left the door and started back to their van telling her that "they would be back later." Her father advised her to close and lock the door, that he had not contracted for anyone to clean their carpets...that was a tragedy that had been averted since we don't know what these individuals were up to or after, what we can be sure of is it was no good.

Be safe and aware!

Kelly Digby

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